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Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other healthcare companies continually face new challenges. Critical to a company's success is the ability to access data, trends, and industry experts who can help resolve specific challenges and direct the organization toward a competitive leadership position.

Each Becker Pharmaceuticals core service area is designed to augment a company's internal resources and enhance its competitive abilities.

Becker Pharmaceuticals has assembled a multidisciplinary team of professionals and a prestigious panel of industry experts to deliver Custom Consulting services in the areas of:
    Business Development
    Forming strategic alliances
    Streamlining in-licensing processes

    New Product Planning
    Technology due diligence
    Forecasting revenues and expenses
    Building pro forma scenarios

    Market Intelligence and Strategy
    Market research
    Analyzing the competitive landscape
    Assessing global and regional markets

Rationalization Grid is a proprietary business development process and tool developed by Becker Pharmaceuticals. This powerful application can be used as a benchmarking device or as the basis for a corporate-wide strategic audit. Rationalization Grid is capable of performing analyses and:
  • Assessing product pipelines
  • Identifying gaps in pipelines
  • Screening internal and external product opportunities
  • Streamlining R&D program rationalization

BioHeuristics is a custom database service and software tool developed by Becker Pharmaceuticals. This resources provides a relational, integrated source of competitive intelligence that combines the following data in order to provide knowledge that is accurate and relevant to your particular needs:
  • Becker Pharmaceuticals' information
  • Your company's own internal data
  • Other sources of external data

BioHeuristics enables the client to view products and markets from multiple angles, such as technology platforms within therapeutic areas and worldwide treatment population trends and forecasts. Explore the interactive database and see for yourself what this service has to offer.
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