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In 1975 the technique for developing monoclonal antibodies was first described. Today, there are over 200 therapeutic monoclonal antibodies targeting cancer applications in various phases of pre-clinical and clinical development from over 80 companies and institutions. Approximately 135 cancer vaccines are in either pr-eclinical or clinical development by over 90 companies and institutions worldwide. Monoclonal antibody therapy for cancer is now a reality, furthering the opportunities for companies interested in developing monoclonal antibody therapeutics, diagnostics, and vaccines.

The Cancer Immunotherapy study summarizes both new advances in the technology underlying the development and manufacture of these products and the market dynamics affecting certain market segments and products. Detailed appendices provide breakdowns in the following areas: antibodies on the market, monoclonal antibodies in development, and vaccines in development.

This report, issued August 1999, utilizes both primary and secondary data to evaluate general technology and market trends in the area of cancer immunotherapy, covering both the therapeutic applications of monoclonal antibodies and cancer vaccines.

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