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"In today's fast paced environment the success of a product/technology can depend on the quality of the information you know about your markets and potential customers. Getting accurate information many times on the actual needs, concerns and wants of these customers can be a challenging and formidable task. Knowing the process and how to get this kind of information in a timely manner is a highly valued commodity.

"[Becker Pharmaceuticals] is just such an organization. They have years of experience and expertise in the clinical diagnostic device market. Therefore, little time is consumed in getting them "up to speed" to understand the product/technology for which market search is needed. Not all organizations have the capability of funding nor the time available to develop their own market research department. Generally, we need to look for outside assistance. When I want fast, accurate, and a detailed analysis of what my customers are looking for in a new product/technology, I know I can rely on [Becker Pharmaceuticals] to provide the information. TMG understands that the gap between success and mediocrity for a company often depends on how well the firm is able to tap into the heartbeat of what its customers see as their needs and values.

"For fast, accurate, and economical external market research analysis, I recommend you first speak with your [Becker Pharmaceuticals] representative."
    Les C. Stutzman
    International Director for Program Development
    Organon Teknika

"We, at Purdue, have known and worked with [Becker Pharmaceuticals] for several years on various projects and have been extremely satisfied with both the quality and speed of their output. They seem to have achieved the somewhat elusive goal of successfully combining strong scientific reasoning with practical business knowledge. The result is products that have value to both the technical and commercial sides of our business. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to a colleague or co-worker and have already done so on several occasions."
    Chris Ehrlich
    Assistant Director, Licensing and Business Development
    Purdue Pharma
    100 Connecticut Avenue
    Norwalk, CT. 06850
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