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Biotechnology: The State of the Art, Business and Science - A comprehensive guide to current biotechnology development and trends.

Cancer Immunotherapy: This study summarizes both new advances in the technology underlying the development and manufacture of these products and the market dynamics affecting certain market segments and products.

EpiCast Briefs: EpiCast Briefs are in-depth trends and forecasts of global epidemiology for numerous disease indications.


The future of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other healthcare companies depends greatly on the ability to access timely and accurate information. If you are looking to optimize your decision-making abilities, Becker Pharmaceuticals' stratFOCUS® reports provide both the right industry data and the knowledge to guide your company’s product portfolios decisions.

stratFOCUS® is a series of comprehensive reports, each compiling financial, medical, and research analyses on emerging products and technologies. Each of these publications target a single therapeutic area, including:

Every stratFOCUS® report reflects the opinions of a distinguished panel of industry experts and...

Each easy-to-use report provides a penetrating look at current and future trends in research, clinical development, and commercialization of emerging technologies. Each product or technology presented has been subjected to rigorous due diligence and independent expert panel critiques and ratings, as well as review by an independent editorial board.

The stratFOCUS® report pipeline includes the following publications and therapeutic areas:
  • Biotechnology: The State of the Art Business and Science (Second Edition, May 2000)
  • Autoimmunity, Transplantation, and Inflammation Outlook (June 2000)
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